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Careers: Jane Street Presentation

Make sure that you sign up for the even by filling in this form!

Jane Street are coming to give a talk to WMS members on Monday 25th Feb (Week 8) at 6pm in MS.03. During the talk, you can learn more about what Jane Street do, find out about the questions they ask in their interview process and get free Domino's Pizza.

Jane Street hire year round and predominately take graduates who are great at problem solving, so if you are still looking for something to do over the summer or for a job later this year, you should check them out!

Jane Street is a quantitative proprietary trading firm that operates around the clock and around the globe. We bring a deep understanding of markets, a scientific approach, and innovative technology to bear on the problem of trading profitably in the world's highly competitive financial markets.

The culture at Jane Street is open, informal, intellectual, and fun. You can wear a T-shirt and jeans to the office every day, the kitchen is stocked, and the debates are lively. Teaching and learning are everywhere: organized classes and seminars, freewheeling discussions, intensive one-on-one mentorship. Advancement is rapid; there are always more responsibilities waiting when you're ready for them, more ideas to pursue if you have the tenacity to follow through. Our flat structure means your ideas matter, not your job title.

Jane Street doesn’t seek outside investment and doesn’t have customers. Our growth comes from hiring and training amazing people and giving them the tools they need to innovate.