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We have regular social events; the big ones being the Integrating Factor in term 1, and the Maths BBQ/ puzzle trail in term 3, as well as smaller socials such as pub golf throughout the year. We will inform you of these via our Facebook groups and through emails.

Lecturer Quotes

Over the years the lecturers here at Warwick have delivered one great lecture after another, sometimes they even find the time to say something funny. WMS presents to you some of the best quotes from our favourite lecturers.

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  • Fernando Schwartz

    • "[in Advanced PDEs] We're devoted to the cult of the less-than-or-equal sign. Algebra is about equalities, analysis is about inequalities." -2008
  • David Rand

    • "Let's forget about real things for a moment." - 1995
  • Lasse Rempe

    • "I suppose in this case I will give you a calculation which is correct." - 2005
    • "This is the last time we will see explicit anything." - 2005
  • John Moody

    • "As an example of Kaczinsky's mistakes, he felt it was somehow acceptable to make a bomb using gunpowder, but it must be in a wooden box." - April 4th, 1996
    • "So a martian comes down to earth and asks you 'what is this map?'. You try to explain in terms of some space and he says 'what is this space? I only have tentacles'." - 2005
    • "17, I've never seen that number before. It must be a very important number." - 2009
    • "I really get descent." - 2009
    • "What is this descent condition? I don't get it at all." - 2009
    • "He will win the next fields medal." - 2009
    • "I cheated. I cheated and you believed me. You believed me." - 2009
  • David Mond

    • "[While doing long division of polynomials on the board, student points out mistake.] This is impossible, you can do it." - 2005
    • "The rule x $ \rightarrow $ wife of x defines the one-one correspondence set of husbands $ \Leftrightarrow $ set of wives (in the absence of gay marriage and bigamy)." - 2005
    • "Not all of the mistakes that I make will be as easy to spot as that one." - 2006
    • "Let me explain this by giving one of the experiences of my cat" - 2012

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