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We have regular social events; the big ones being the Integrating Factor in term 1, and the Maths BBQ/ puzzle trail in term 3, as well as smaller socials such as pub golf throughout the year. We will inform you of these via our Facebook groups and through emails.

Lecturer Quotes

Over the years the lecturers here at Warwick have delivered one great lecture after another, sometimes they even find the time to say something funny. WMS presents to you some of the best quotes from our favourite lecturers.

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  • John Rawnsley

    • "d^2 needs to be bigger than... one over... can anyone see which inequality I need to use?" - 2001
    • John Rawnsley: "[having proved something for a continuous linear operator A] This works for all A." Student: "Do you mean all continuous linear A?" John Rawnsley: "[deadpan] You know, I'd always thought that I was the most pedantic person I ever knew..." -2003
    • "This is just a notationally complicated way of saying f is a homomorphism." - 2007
    • "My notes contain two proofs and I'm not sure which is right. One just says it's obvious." - 2009
  • G.T. Renshaw

    • "Has anybody got any WD40?" - 1999
  • John Cremona

    • "If you are honest, you will check this is well-defined... but I don't want to see the evidence one way or another!" - 2013
  • Caroline Series

    • "Suppose we have a continuous map that is continuous." - 2005
  • Stavros Garoufalidis

    • "... and we know that g is continuous, because .. well look, it's so nice" - 2001

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