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We have regular social events; the big ones being the Integrating Factor in term 1, and the Maths BBQ/ puzzle trail in term 3, as well as smaller socials such as pub golf throughout the year. We will inform you of these via our Facebook groups and through emails.

Lecturer Quotes

Over the years the lecturers here at Warwick have delivered one great lecture after another, sometimes they even find the time to say something funny. WMS presents to you some of the best quotes from our favourite lecturers.

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  • Robert Kerr

    • "Jabber! Jabber! Jabber! ... I can't teach" - 2004
  • Saul Jacka

    • "You have no idea how difficult it is to do that [after downing a pint delivered at 10:30 during RAG week]" - 2001
  • Richard Lissaman

    • "People complained that I use boards randomly ... I use them in a left to right pattern. It's sort of like reading a book" - 2000
    • "The standard of abuse on the SSLC forms was very low. If you're going to insult me, at least try to be original" - 2000
    • "Up to 5 seconds ago I thought 'absolutely convergent' meant really convergent, but I suppose it's to do with the absolute values isn't it? [Then later:] Can you get any more convergent than that?" - 2003
    • "Now this is not that obvious so you will not see where it comes from. So... I will... uhm... I mean... You know... Just sit back and enjoy the proof! [About to prove that a series converges to log(2).]" - 2004
  • Balazs Szendroi

    • "You have met the definition of a metric space before. It was in...Geometry. Thats right. Oh and maybe Metric spaces as well." - 2001
  • Rudolf Romer

    • "I'm sorry, I'm waving a knife around because I don't have a pointing stick. Am I scaring you?" - 2005
    • "We are no longer in the business of pretending to be Moses" - 2007
    • "If nothing happens, then clearly nothing happens" - 2007

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