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WMS Revision Resources

WMS has lots of revision resources to help you with your exams!

There are revision guides:

There are facebook discussion groups where you can ask people questions:

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Good luck with your revision!

DG:= <Binary Quadratic Forms and Quadratic Rings>

Facebook Event Page

Hope you guys are all enjoying the snow! Following Dr Roger Tribe's talk last week, Florian Bouyer will be doing a talk on Binary Quadratic Forms and Quadratic Rings, this Tuesday at 6pm in MS.04.

This talk is suitable for first years and above.

In 1801 when Gauss was studying Binary Quadratic Forms, he found a way to create a group. Unfortunately his proof was very difficult, and it was only 40 years later when Dirichlet found a link between binary quadratic forms and quadratic rings that an easy prove was found.

In this talk, Florian will explain what binary quadratic forms and quadratic rings are, with examples, and lead to the main theorem on how they are linked.

While this talk is based on the first part of a fourth year project, it is mostly an introduction to a rich area of maths and does not require any previous knowledge. This means it is suitable for everyone including 1st years.

Social: Laser Quest & Cosmo

Facebook Page

We have an action packed social followed by overeating lined up for you. We will be playing 3 games of Laser Quest then heading to Cosmo after for a meal.

We are going for a deal for students which is 3 games for £9.00, each game lasts around 20 minutes. The booking is made for 7 pm so you can meet us straight there or get the bus with us at the main bus stop at 6:15 pm.

Then we will head to Cosmo for a meal which is £12.99, it is a bit expensive but it is worth it!

So if you wanted more information,
Laser Quest:

Hope you all attend and can you confirm if you are attending or not by the end of week 1 (Friday) so the bookings can be confirmed and remember you will need £9.00 for Laser Quest or £21.99 for both.

DG:= <Brownian Motion>

Facebook Event Page

Discussion Groups are back for Term 2 and we're starting off with a basic introduction to Brownian Motion by Dr Roger Tribe. The DG starts at 6pm this Tuesday in MS.04.

Brownian motion was originally the description given in physics for the random erratic movement of molecules. In 1905 Einstein made a detailed study in which he postulated certain properties should hold. In 1923 mathematical Brownian motion was born when a famous mathematician, Norbert Wiener, showed how to construct a random function W(t) giving the molecules "position'' at time t which had Einstein's properties.

The talk is aimed at 1st years and above and gives a great introduction into the subject if you are planning on taking the 4th year module in later years.

WMS Weeks 9 & 10

Per Mario's comment in my shoutout, here's a quick update on WMS events over the next two weeks!

WMS Week 9:
Week 10:
  • Tuesday 4th Dec, 1-3pm, The Street: 1st Year Revision Guides. Free for members, £1 each for non members.
  • Tuesday 4th Dec, 5-6pm, A0.01: Latex Classes
  • Tuesday 4th Dec, 7pm onwards, MS.02: The WMS Xmas Quiz 2012

Casual Drinks

Facebook Event Page

Hey guys,

So the exec were thinking about you guys and we've decided it would be a great idea to hold a chilled social this week.

We have booked out Bar Fusion in the Rootes Social Building from 7pm this Thursday, 15th November for some casual drinks. If you want another opportunity to meet people on your course, chat to the exec or just pre drink before the RAG Traffic Light Party.

I should also take the time to mention it's RAG Week! Get pints delivered to your lectures, gnome your lecturer or give your friend a lapdance performed by a turtle, all in the name of charity! Check out this link for more info and how to order!

It would be great to see you guys there!
WMS Exec

DG:= <P-adic Numbers>

Facebook Event Page

Number Theory more to your liking? David Watson and Alex Torzewski will discuss p-adic numbers this Tuesday, 13th November from 5pm in the usual place of MS.01.

p-adic numbers have a almost unique role in mathematics, with applications in many areas including Algebra, Analysis, Number Theory and Topology. David and Alex will be introducing ideas core to p-adic numbers, including the ultra-metric triangle inequality (every triangle is isosceles!). Moving on to a discussion of its position in modern mathematics.

The talk is based on a second year essay, but is also suitable for first years and will contain new ideas for all.

DG:= <Monotonically Controlled Integration>

Facebook Event Page

If Chaos didn't tickle your fancy, Stephen Young will be doing a talk on Monotonically Controlled Integration this Tuesday, 6th November at 5pm in MS.01.

Steve will be talking about a wacky new type of integration which can be defined only using elementary methods such as the limits of functions. As such, this talk is accessible to all second years and above (or any particularly keen first years who are willing to accept definitions such as the derivative of a function).

He will plan to go through the def inition of MC-Integration, some examples and also prove some basic properties of MC-integration. He will mention other types of integration such as Lebesgue integration only in passing so it is not essential that you know about this.

If you like Analysis III then this is a more generalised version of the integral defined in that course and could be a potential topic for a second year essay.

DG:= <An Introduction to Chaos>

Facebook Event Page

Stuck on choosing a second year essay topic or or just want to hear about more maths?

Discussion Groups are back again this Tuesday, 30th October at 5pm in MS.01 for "An Introduction to Chaos" by George Kenison.

George will be giving a rerun of his second year presentation on Chaos Theory and willl discuss Devaney's definition of chaotic dynamical systems and will present a few accessible examples. The talk is designed with second year mathematicians in mind; however, anyone who is interested is more than welcome to come. So if you are looking for ideas for a topic or want to see what kind of things go into your presentation, then this talk is certainly for you!

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