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Any special news (and an archive of our old news) will also have a story posted below:

Special External Guest Speaker: Homotopy Type Theory

Dr David Corfield (Kent University) is currently researching in Homotopy Type Theory ( and will be giving a talk on his research.

When: 12th March 6 30pm to 7 30pm
Where: MS.02, Zeeman Building

facebook event:

Last year a book was published after a year long programme of research at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Princeton. The programme goes by various names, reflecting the multiple sources of its ideas: Univalent Foundations, infinity-topos theory, intensional dependent type theory and, the name I shall use here, homotopy type theory. One key motivation is to produce a foundational language which allows much closer contact with the frontiers of mainstream mathematical research. The status quo has us rest content with a 'material' set theory, grounded on the predicate calculus, which is understood to allow the construction of surrogates for any mathematical entity, from Galois representations to Kahler metrics, however baroque such constructions would be if anyone cared to provide them. Homotopy type theory's aim is to provide a much more natural formalisation of mathematics.

Careers: Jane Street Presentation

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Jane Street are coming to give a talk to WMS members on Monday 25th Feb (Week 8) at 6pm in MS.03. During the talk, you can learn more about what Jane Street do, find out about the questions they ask in their interview process and get free Domino's Pizza.

Jane Street hire year round and predominately take graduates who are great at problem solving, so if you are still looking for something to do over the summer or for a job later this year, you should check them out!

Jane Street is a quantitative proprietary trading firm that operates around the clock and around the globe. We bring a deep understanding of markets, a scientific approach, and innovative technology to bear on the problem of trading profitably in the world's highly competitive financial markets.

The culture at Jane Street is open, informal, intellectual, and fun. You can wear a T-shirt and jeans to the office every day, the kitchen is stocked, and the debates are lively. Teaching and learning are everywhere: organized classes and seminars, freewheeling discussions, intensive one-on-one mentorship. Advancement is rapid; there are always more responsibilities waiting when you're ready for them, more ideas to pursue if you have the tenacity to follow through. Our flat structure means your ideas matter, not your job title.

Jane Street doesn’t seek outside investment and doesn’t have customers. Our growth comes from hiring and training amazing people and giving them the tools they need to innovate.

Exec Elections 2013

Don't forget to get involved with this years elections!

DG:= <Predicting Football Results> with Atass Sports

Click attending of the Facebook event here so we have an idea for numbers for the free food!

The venue of this event has been moved to MS.01!

In week 6, we have a special Discussion Group run in conjunction with our primary sponsor, Atass Sports. This week, Richard Hill will come and discuss the topic of Predicting Football Results, on Monday 11th Feb at 6pm in MS.01.

This topic is suitable for first years and above.

For as long as there has been competitive football, spectators have tried to predict match outcomes in advance - both for entertainment and for financial gain. However, only with the development of modern statistical techniques (coupled with advances in computing) has it become possible to build sophisticated forecasting models that can accurately assess the probability of each possible scoreline. The output of such models can be compared against the "market view" expressed by traders on an online betting exchange, thereby highlighting promising betting opportunities.

The Warwick Maths Society is sponsored by Atass Sports. For more information on Atass, and for opportunities for internships and graduate programmes, visit or contact Richard Hill at

ATASS Sports is a statistical research consultancy providing quality modelling and analysis for the sports industry. Atass combines expertise in statistical analysis and research with in-depth sports knowledge, to provide statistical forecasting, probability evaluation and enhanced understanding of professional sports.

Teach First STEM Pub Quiz

Join the Facebook event page!

WMS, Bio Soc, Engineers Without Borders, the MORSE Society, PhySoc and Teach First Present:

The Ultimate STEM Pub Quiz

It's time to find out who is the most quick witted... intelligent... superior... and knows the most random information.

Week 5 Friday 8th February, 8.30pm
Kelseys, Leamington

1st Prize - £100
2nd Prize - £50
3rd Prize - £30

FREE ENTRY, Max Team Size of 4 people

Teach First

Teach First is an independent charity that provides the training and support to enable high-calibre graduates to make a real impact in addressing one of the UK’s most damaging social issues, educational disadvantage. At the same time, while they are transforming the lives of young people in schools around the country, Teach First helps graduates to dramatically enhance their own career potential, in schools and elsewhere, and become part of a movement that is effecting profound change throughout the UK.

Few other options offer the same degree of genuine responsibility so early. And rarely, if ever, will graduates have the opportunity to make such a direct and important impact.

To find out more please visit or contact your Graduate Recruiter, Ollie, directly at

Teach First Assessment Centre and Interview Skills Session

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Thinking about applying to internships and grad schemes?

In today’s competitive graduate market place Assessment Centres are commonly used by companies recruiting graduates as a key part of their selection process. They do, however, come in all shapes and sizes. This session aims to give a comprehensive overview of the range of activities you can expect at Assessment Centres, and also offer some hints, tips and practice in the most commonly used activities. Learn how to match your skills with company competencies as well as what to expect on the day, how to prepare and how to sell yourself.


If you are applying to an internship or grad schemes, come along to the Assessment Centre skills session run by Teach First! We have some guys coming to Warwick from Teach First who will be there to give you advice on how to perform amazingly at assessment centres and make yourself stand out to employers!

The session will be held on Monday, 4th February from 6.15pm in A1.01 in the Maths & Stats department (through the entrance to Maths & Stats, head to the first floor by taking the stairs next to the lift on your right. Turn left out of the door and A1.01 will be on your left!) There also will be refreshments provided at the end of the evening.

Please note that this session is not Teach First specific and is here to provide help and advice for a generic application.

To sign up for this event, please follow this link and click on sign up at the bottom of the page.  

Teach First

DG:= <Galois Theory, Covering Spaces and Grothendieck Topologies>

Facebook Event Page

This week's DG is by Ben Briggs (last year's Academic Support officer if you didn't already know) and will be on Galois Theory, Covering Spaces and Grothendieck Topologies. We are in a new room as well: B3.03 but at the same time of Tuesday at 6pm.

A lot of constructions in set theory and geometry can be done by thinking about sets (or groups or rings...) varying continuously over a topological space. Grothendieck wanted to be able to consider sets varying nicely over other things. What was needed was a good notion of 'covering' in a much more general setting than topological spaces.

An analogy between Galois theory for fields and covering space theory in topology led Grothendieck to define a new notion of topology. We'll look at this analogy, and a few other examples, to get to the moral of the story: 'geometry and algebra go in opposite directions'. All of this leads to awesome new maths.

Suitable for third/fourth years and keen second years, but having heard of Galois theory and covering spaces will make things more interesting.

DG:= <Binary Quadratic Forms and Quadratic Rings>

Facebook Event Page

Hope you guys are all enjoying the snow! Following Dr Roger Tribe's talk last week, Florian Bouyer will be doing a talk on Binary Quadratic Forms and Quadratic Rings, this Tuesday at 6pm in MS.04.

This talk is suitable for first years and above.

In 1801 when Gauss was studying Binary Quadratic Forms, he found a way to create a group. Unfortunately his proof was very difficult, and it was only 40 years later when Dirichlet found a link between binary quadratic forms and quadratic rings that an easy prove was found.

In this talk, Florian will explain what binary quadratic forms and quadratic rings are, with examples, and lead to the main theorem on how they are linked.

While this talk is based on the first part of a fourth year project, it is mostly an introduction to a rich area of maths and does not require any previous knowledge. This means it is suitable for everyone including 1st years.

Social: Laser Quest & Cosmo

Facebook Page

We have an action packed social followed by overeating lined up for you. We will be playing 3 games of Laser Quest then heading to Cosmo after for a meal.

We are going for a deal for students which is 3 games for £9.00, each game lasts around 20 minutes. The booking is made for 7 pm so you can meet us straight there or get the bus with us at the main bus stop at 6:15 pm.

Then we will head to Cosmo for a meal which is £12.99, it is a bit expensive but it is worth it!

So if you wanted more information,
Laser Quest:

Hope you all attend and can you confirm if you are attending or not by the end of week 1 (Friday) so the bookings can be confirmed and remember you will need £9.00 for Laser Quest or £21.99 for both.

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